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Magento 2 Warranty registration

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Perfect choice to provide product support to customers

Purchasing any product that is covered by a warranty often gives the buyer peace of mind. So, if things don’t work as expected, or if there is any manufacturing defect, a warranty allows the purchase to be replaced, returned or repaired. The warranty acts like a guarantee and covers a product for a certain period of time. This extension covers all sorts of damaged and specific defects. So, if you have a Magento 2 store with a wide range of products, then our Warranty Registration extension will help you to keep track of the product warranty and the registered customers covered by it.

  • Boost customer confidence in the product
  • Leverage it to close a sale
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Protect your brand reputation
30 Days Free Support | Free LifeTime Update

Our Warranty registration extension for Magento 2 adds the ability to register the purchased product for warranty, which means that the customer will benefit from the support of the product and validate any warranty claim. The customer can see the registered product from his account and the products will also be displayed in the Magento admin area with specific details. The admin will also be able to upload any file or PDF document for the products that is registered for warranty.

Registering the product for warranty will enable the buyer to contact the seller in any unlikely event with the product. Online registration of the product warranty is a great way to ensure the support of the product during the period of warranty. The extension also has the ability to send a confirmation email to the customer and also the store owner or manager, showing the warranty period for each registered product.

  • Ability to send a confirmation email to customer (with a certificate of registration)
  • Ability to send a confirmation email to managers (with a certificate of registration)
  • Ability to limit warranty registration period from configuration.
  • Ability to design warranty certificate with your content and company logo.
  • Easy access to product warranty details through documents and PDF that are uploaded by the admin. 
  • Shows a warranty tab on product editing page, so admins can see if a product has a warranty rule.
  • Supports multiple warranty plans per product, like 3 years, 5 years and lifetime.
In case my warranty expires, will there be any option in the extension for any extended warranty?
Can the user register multiple products at one time and receive a confirmation email for all the products?
Can we add different email address other that store admin email for warranty registration?
Is there any timeframe for warranty registration or user can register any time?
Can admin customize the certificate as per his need?
Can admin publish product without warranty? Or is it necessary to set warranty timeline in all the products of the store?
Can admin get certified warranty list from admin panel of Magento?
Can admin get notified with the warranty certificate once the user register for warranty?
Can a guest customer also register for warranty?