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Magento 2 eBay Connector

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Integrate and manage real time updates of your products

Whether you are a big business owner or a small product seller, eBay is a great means to reach out to customers across the world. Since it is one of the biggest online marketplaces in the world, it connects the buyers and the sellers all over the globe. If you are interested in selling your products from your Magento store to customers who visit eBay, then we can make things easier for you. Our eBay connection extension for Magento 2 enables the admin to easily integrate your Magento 2 store with the eBay store.

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  • Error free functionality
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Online sellers can list various products on multiple ecommerce websites, but managing the product inventories on both the ends is a daunting task. The eBay connector for Magento 2 is a module that is used to sync the products, orders and the categories from eBay to the Magento ecommerce store and vice versa. The module allows the administrator to import all the products from their different eBay accounts and provide eBay specification, refund policy, variations, shipping details for the exported products.

With the use of this connector, the admin can easily integrate between the eBay and his Magento store. Whenever a product is purchased by a customer on eBay, the stock will get updated in the Magento store and vice versa.  Besides the stock updates, if the admin updates the synched product information at his end, it will also get updated at the other end.

Some benefits of using our eBay Connector:

Admin benefits: The eBay connector helps to import and export the products between the two stores. Since there are thousands of products that are sold by the seller with various options, the eBay Connector helps to manage the inventory levels at both the ends automatically.  It runs cron for syncing the orders between the two stores. With such features, it becomes inevitable for you to reach greater heights of success with ever growing sales and profits.

Customer benefits:  Buyers will get multiple channels for purchasing their products and they can either visit the Magento store or the eBay store and place the order. They will also get updates about the availability of the product easily.

  • Easily sync Magento 2 products to eBay and vice versa.
  • Admin can add many eBay accounts and multiple price rules so as to update the price of the products that are synced automatically
  • The admin can create and use the listing template.
  • A default category can be set by the admin for the imported products in the Magento 2 store
  • The eBay orders can be imported to the Magento 2 store
  • The default quantity for imported products can be set in the Magento store
  • Import and export simple and configurable product types
  • Any changes in the products price or quantity in the Magento 2 store will be reflected on the eBay store
  • Product information like name, price, image, quantity will get imported and exported along with the product
  • The default store view and order status for the imported order can be set in the Magento 2 store
  • The imported orders can be easily managed by the admin through the eBay account
  • The Admin can import categories of eBay to map with Magento 2 category
  • If a customer purchases any product that is synced on the Magento store, then the inventory will be updated on the eBay store and vice versa.
  • The orders will be fetched automatically via Cron and if the items do not exist in Magento, then it will be created automatically.
  • Do product synchronization with eBay condition, specifications, and variations.
  • Real-time inventory update from magento store.
  • Sandbox mode is available for testing and development.
  • Revise eBay imported product details from Magento.
  • Configure return policy details for exported products.
  • Set the exported product listing duration.
  • Import eBay products according to start listing date range.
  • Set default sync category, order status, quantity.
  • Mention exported product shipping details.
  • Product export to eBay with listing template.
  • Product export to eBay with eBay store category according to mapping.
  • Option in configuration to select gallery type to export product listing on eBay.
  • Export products to eBay using SKU filter.
  • Select default store view and default website.
  • Supports multiple languages translations.
  • The module source code is open for customization.
Which product type will the module support while exporting?
Does the extension have automatic order import feature?
Will any order for the product that is not imported to the Magento 2 store get imported to the store?
Will the extension support product information update in both the stores?
What type of information is synced when the product is imported?