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Magento 2 One SKU

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Identify and track products in the store with just a click

Have you ever observed a price tag carefully and wondered why there are so many letters and numbers on it? One of those sets is the SKU or the Stock Keeping Unit number. This is unique to each store and helps keep a track of each item in your inventory. Since companies create their SKUs internally to track their inventory, they vary among business. For example, the 8 digit SKU of an item may refer to a store location, department, item type, size and etc. Since the codes can be reused in different departments, searching for the exact product may be difficult through a general search module. Our One SKU extension for Magento 2 will help to search for the exact product and will help in:

  • View the exact product
  • Quick search
  • Time saving
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By default, whenever you enter an SKU reference number in the quick search bar of Magento 2 website, it always displays all the product whose SKU has the prefix of the entered SKU. For example, if you have entered BTSHIRT-M, to search a specific product having this reference as a value, then it will get more than one example that includes BTSHIRT- M1, BTSHIRT- M2 and etc. This is because the search will split the SKU into parts based on any special character.

With our One SKU extension for Magento 2, you can now get rid of this issue and be able to track the exact product by using the SKU for reference. The SKU will not be split and will be considered as a single reference unit that will return the exact product that you are looking for. 

  • Install the extension and go. No configuration is necessary at all. All you have to do is to install and start searching by SKU.
  • As per your needs you can either enable it or disable it.