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Magento 2 Per Product Shipping

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Define different shipping cost for each product from a single panel

In the ecommerce world, where lots of transactions are carried out, shipping plays a key role in your business. With a wide range of products from heavy, light to fragile items, and the customers residing in different locations, the shipping cost of the product may vary. Automated shipping calculators may charge customers with incorrect shipping rates.

But now there is a solution! Our Per Product Shipping extension for Magento 2 will help to fill the required details during the set up and you can be worry free about all the shipping charges of the product:

  • Core control on shipping charges
  • Time and energy saving
  • One-time payment
  • Useful Calculating Total Shipping Ordering
  • Accurate data migration
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The Per Product Shipping extension helps the administrators to add the shipping charges for each specific product easily. The administrator need not worry anymore about incorrect shipping rates in the store as the extension will help to set individual rates based on the type of the products. Also the admin can now choose the options, whether the per product shipping charges will depend on the main product shipping price or on their associated product’s shipping price.

So, if your store has a lot of special items that are either fragile or heavy, and you don’t want them to face any unintended incidents during shopping, then you can use this extension for Magento 2 to set the shipping for separate items with a flexible price setting based on their characteristics.

How does it work and why do you need it?

The Per Product shipping extension for Magento 2 offers a list of options for front end customizations. From individual shipping rates to default shipping rates or automated calculations, everything can now be easily controlled by you. all you have to do is to fill in the specific information that fits your needs. and choose the shipping method to make it functional.

Incorrect shipping charges that are levied on products that are purchased from your ecommerce website can destroy your hard earned reputation and brand. So ensuring that each product is given the accurate and exact shipping amount can be a time taking task. Our extension will make your task convenient and enable you to set a fix shipping rate on the products in your store.

  • The admin can add different shipping price for each product.
  • The admin can select whether the per product shipping calculation will basically depend on the main product shipping price or on their associated product’s shipping price.
  • The admin can add handling price and then he can set whether the handling price will be calculated based on percentage or it would remain fixed.
  • Use default shipping price for all products Automatically
  • Enable/disable the “shipping per product”
  • If the shopping cart has different products, then shipping cost of each product will be multiplied by the total product quantity added by the customer and then the total will be displayed on the checkout page.
  • In case, shipping per product rate is not set, then the default per product shipping rate will be applied. You can also set the default per product shipping, while configuring the module.
  • Apply default shipping rate when a product is not assigned individual rate.
  • The admin can enable the setting to multiply Quantity of cart products or not.
  • The final shipping price will be visible on the checkout page.
  • Shipping method will be visible on the order.
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