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Magento 2 Stripe Payment Gateway

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A complete payment platform that powers your store

Online shoppers overwhelmingly prefer to make pay for their purchases by using their credit cards. But, there are many shoppers who often use other methods, as credit cards are not always readily available in many countries. There are several alternative payment methods that are safe, efficient and easy to use. Stripe is a popular payment gateway and in recent years and is available in about 25 countries, and also has access to more than 500 million customers. Our Stripe payment extension helps you to accept digital payments from your customers.

  • Make payment transaction quick and easy
  • Secured payment mode
  • Smart payment filter
  • Reduces fraud payments and chargebacks
30 Days Free Support | Free LifeTime Update

Our stripe payment extension for Magento 2 enables the store owners to use MasterCard, Visa, Amercian Express, Diners Club cards and etc. on their Magento 2 store via the Stripe’s API.  It is the best means to accept online payments and in mobile apps. The module enables the admin to collect online payments from the Stripe accounts of the customers so that they can make payments by using their card information. With this extension, the admin can easily link the Stripe payment gateway with the Magento 2 store.

The extension is a PCI compliant payment system that will work in a Live and in a Debugging mode.  With this extension the customer can save the card for any future payment and also add a new one at the checkout page. All the selected countries can easily be mapped from the admin configuration that makes the store easily accessible and enables the users to make payments who are residing in those countries. The immense flexibility of the module will also help to manage the refunds of the orders in short time from the backend. The extension can handle everything that includes storing cards, direct payouts to the banks, subscriptions and etc. 

  • Works with stripe supported currencies.
  • Payment will be captured at order placed.
  • Added cards and payment methods and specific images will be visible at the checkout page.
  • Allows buyers to pay using all cards which are supported by Stripe.
  • After selecting a saved card, the customer needs to input the respective card expiry date for making the payment.
  • The customer can save the card for making any future payment.
  • The customer can delete the saved cards on the Strive Saved Cards page.
  • Works with the latest Stripe API.
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