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Magento 2 Sale Counter

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Dynamically display your individual products and best deals

All ecommerce business owners want to spread the word about their products to customers. This extension allows customers to take advantage of specific sales and purchase products before the deal ends. Most potential online customers spend hours on the internet every day with the hope of finding some advantageous discounts, so they can buy their desired products at bargain prices.

So why not notify the customers with the best deals and help them make a decision quickly. Our Sale counter extension for Magento 2 helps you to insert a block for sales and promotion and for other different purposes.

  • Easy to manage configuration settings
  • Helps in promoting offers
  • Increases the chances of getting higher sales
  • Boosts revenues and customer loyalty
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With an eye catching sale counter, you can always motivate your customers to purchase more products and also avail great deals.  Our Sale Counter Magento 2 extension allows the administrator to insert blocks and display certain products on any specific page and give some information about it.  The extension helps to present a stylish sale block with a time counter on it and give the ability to the admin to customize it as per their requirements.

The timer on the block will remind your website visitors about the end of the offer and it will act as a subconscious trigger to complete the purchase or take the desired action. The administrator can create a rule and this will allow to customize the campaign easily. Through the widget setting, the admin is allowed to design his own template for the sale counter block. He can add a background color, change the fonts or text. With this extension, you can double the business growth of your website’s conversion rate and get a chance to increase your store revenue.

  • This counter works according to the Cart Price Rules and expires automatically when the Cart Price Rules expires.
  • The Counter will automatically display the coupon code if any.
  • The admin can add different backgrounds for the counter block.
  • The admin can choose on which page he/she wants to display the block
  • The admin can add sale images to the sales counter banner block.
  • The admin can set the URL behind the sale counter
  • This is responsive and also works on mobile devices
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